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What is Saturday 11 November 2006?

This day is...

  • Independence Day in Angola
  • Remembrance Day in Australia
  • Armistice Day in Belgium
  • Remembrance Day in Bermuda
  • Remembrance Day in Canada
  • Remembrance Day in Cayman Islands
  • Independence of Cartagena (official) in Colombia
  • Mortens Day in Denmark
  • Armistice Day in France
  • Remembrance Day in French Guiana
  • Armistice Day in French Polynesia
  • Armistice Day in Guadeloupe
  • Veterans Day in Guam
  • Guru Nanak's Birthday in India
  • Lacplesa Day in Latvia
  • Armistice Day in New Caledonia
  • Independence Day in Poland
  • Veterans Day in Puerto Rico
  • Remembrance Day in Scotland
  • Remembrance Day in St. Lucia
  • Armistice Day in Sint Maarten / St. Martin
  • Concordia Day in Sint Maarten / St. Martin
  • Feast of St Martin in Sint Maarten / St. Martin
  • Armistice Day in Switzerland
  • Cutting of the goose in Sursee (LU) in Switzerland
  • Gansabhauet, St Martin's Day in Switzerland
  • Veterans Day in Switzerland
  • Volkstrauertag (Remembrance Sunday) in Switzerland
  • Prince of Wales Birthday in Tuvalu
  • Remembrance Day in United Kingdom
  • Veterans Day in USA
  • Veterans Day in US Virgin Islands

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