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Pick a day, month and year to get events which happened on that precise date. Leave the year as "all" to get all events for which the chosen date (day and month) is an anniversary.

Events in History

Five random people born on this day...

  • Mervyn Jones, author, Nobody's Fault, 5 Hungarian Writers (1922)
  • Allison Danzig, sports writer, Tennis Pictorial History (1898)
  • Alberto Remedios, opera/concert singer (1935)
  • Sandra Cecchini, Bologna Italy, tennis star, 1995 Warsaw doubles (1965)
  • Richard AFM Auwerda, Dutch journalist/writer (1925)

Five random people who died on this day...

  • Henry Cabot Lodge, (Sen-R)/diplomat, dies at 82 (1985)
  • George Tobias, actor (Abner Kravitz-Bewitched), dies at 78 (1980)
  • Robert-Jan Akkerman, Dutch diplomat (to Tunis), murdered (1991)
  • Ruby Keeler, actress (42nd Street), dies of cancer at 83 (1993)
  • Leopold "Hans" Kohr, Austria social philosopher/economist, dies at 84 (1994)

Five random things that happened on this day...

  • Keith Richards gets suspended sentence for heroin possession, Canada (1977)
  • Test Cricket debut of Clarrie Grimmett, who took 5-45 and 6-37 vs. England (1925)
  • Henri IV crowned king of France (1594)
  • John Menard is 1st black to make a speech in Congress (1869)
  • 1st public performance of Holst's "Planets" (1919)

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