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Pick a day, month and year to get events which happened on that precise date. Leave the year as "all" to get all events for which the chosen date (day and month) is an anniversary.

Events in History

Five random people born on this day...

  • Julie Newmar, Hollywood California, actress, Catwoman-Batman, Living Doll (1935)
  • Tullio Pandolfini, Italy, water polo 1948 Olympics gold (1914)
  • Marion A Trabert, tennis champ, U.S. Open-1953 (1930)
  • John Standing, London, England, actor, Edward-Lime Street (1934)
  • Reiner Kunze, writer (1933)

Five random people who died on this day...

  • Henry van Stolberg and Wernigerode, Ger viceroy of Friesland, dies at 41 (1508)
  • Henry Geldzahler, U.S. critic, dies (1994)
  • Karl Munzinger, composer, dies at 68 (1911)
  • Robert Johnson, U.S. Delta-blues singer and guitarist, poisoned at 27 (1938)
  • Joseph Towers, U.S. pilot, dies (1993)

Five random things that happened on this day...

  • Mayor Koch says he plans to wipe out street-corner windshield washers (1988)
  • Tigers play a home game in Toledo Ohio, Yanks win 12-8 (1903)
  • Madonna's "True Blue," album goes #1 for 5 weeks and her single (1986)
  • 38th U.S. Womens Tennis: Helen Wills Moody beats Molla B Mallory (61 63) (1924)
  • Woodstock rock festival begins in NY (1969)

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