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Pick a day, month and year to get events which happened on that precise date. Leave the year as "all" to get all events for which the chosen date (day and month) is an anniversary.

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Twenty random people born on this day...

  • Heinrich von Brentano di Tremezzo, German Foreign Minister (1904)
  • Jami Ferrell, Munncie Indiana, playmate, Jan 1997 (1974)
  • Joey Molland, rocker (1948)
  • Paul Shaw, Collingwood Ontario, trap shooter 1996 Olympics (1949)
  • Karin Enke, Dresden German DR, speed skater, Olympics gold 1980, 84 (1961)
  • Ulf D Merbold, German physicist/astronaut, STS 9, 42, Soyuz TM-19 (1941)
  • Nonnosus Madlseder, composer (1730)
  • Fred McAfee, NFL running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers (1968)
  • Glenna Collett Vare, Rhode Island, National Am Golf champ, 1922, 25, 28-30, 35 (1903)
  • Lord Brightman, British judge of appeals (1911)
  • Jozef Stumpel, Nitra CZE, NHL forward, Team Slovakia, Boston (1972)
  • Jean-Marie le Pen, France, leader, National Front party (1928)
  • Anthon van der Horst, Dutch organist/composer (1899)
  • Michael Landon, Jr., Encino California, actor, Bonanza The Return (1965)
  • Gerald Dixon, NFL linebacker, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals (1969)
  • Chet Atkins, Luttrell Tennessee, guitarist, Me and My Guitar (1924)
  • Theodorus Heemskerk Jzn, minister of interior (1866..88) [or Jul 20] (1852)
  • Salvatore Rosa, Italian painter/musician [or 7/21] (1615)
  • Wendy Craig, England, actress, Joseph Andrews (1934)
  • Errol Flynn, Hobart Tasmania, actor, Captain Blood, Robin Hood (1909)

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