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Pick a day, month and year to get events which happened on that precise date. Leave the year as "all" to get all events for which the chosen date (day and month) is an anniversary.

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Twenty random people on this day...

  • Raymond Brulez, Flemish author (Schoone slaapster), dies at 76 (1972)
  • Max de Metz, Dutch publisher/translator/interpreter, dies at 72 (1993)
  • Franz Commer, composer, dies at 74 (1887)
  • Robert Russell Bennett, U.S. composer/arranger (Oklahoma!), dies at 87 (1981)
  • Jan Jachym Kopriva, composer, dies at 38 (1792)
  • Edgar Dearing, actor (Free and Easy, Abraham Lincoln), dies at 81 (1974)
  • Jean Barraque, French composer, dies at 45 (1973)
  • Nikon, [Nikita Minin], patriarch of Rus-orthodox church, dies at 76 (1681)
  • Mauritius Vogt, composer, dies at 61 (1730)
  • Ray Chapman, hit in the head by Yanks' Carl Mays pitch, dies (1920)
  • Roderick Cook, actor (Rockabye), dies of apparent heart attack at 58 (1990)
  • Mervyn Nelson, director (Some of My Best Friends Are...), dies at 76 (1991)
  • Johann Augustin Kobelius, composer, dies at 57 (1731)
  • Leo Geerts, [Marcel van der Linden], Belgian writer/critic, dies (1991)
  • Andre de Villiers, South African, murdered (1992)
  • Wampilow, writer, dies (1972)
  • Pavel S "Paul" Urysohn, Russian mathematician, drowns at 26 (1924)
  • Carl Johann Adam Zeller, composer, dies at 56 (1898)
  • Franklin D Roosevelt Jr, (Rep-D-NY, 1949-55), dies on 74th birthday (1988)
  • Murvyn Vye, actor (Road to Bali, Escape to Burma), dies at 63 (1976)

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