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Pick a day, month and year to get events which happened on that precise date. Leave the year as "all" to get all events for which the chosen date (day and month) is an anniversary.

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Twenty random things that happened on this day...

  • "Apple Tree" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 463 performances (1967)
  • Japanese crown prince Hirohito appointed prince-regent (1922)
  • National Organization for Aid to Underground, LO, forms (1942)
  • Pirate Radio Station 390 (Radio Invicta) closes down (reopen 12/31) (1966)
  • George Meany appointed as chairman of AFL (1952)
  • U-600 sinks in Atlantic Ocean (1943)
  • Upper-Volta milt coup under Col Saye Zerbo, president Lamizana flees (1980)
  • "Once Upon a Mattress" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 460 performances (1959)
  • 35 Amistad survivors return to Africa (1841)
  • Confederate plot to burn New York City, fails (1864)
  • Farmer's Almanac 1st published (1792)
  • Maximum speed limit cut to 55 MPH as an energy conservation measure (1973)
  • Princess Anne flies from London to Nottingham (1688)
  • 78th CFL Grey Cup: Winn Blue Bombers defeat Edmonton Eskimos, 50-11 (1990)
  • William Schroeder, is 2nd to receive Jarvik-7 artificial heart (1984)
  • Sugar Ray Leonard defeats Duran regains WBC welterweight championship (1980)
  • German Jews in Netherlands declared stateless (lose of nationality) (1941)
  • Congo milt coup under Gen Mobutu, President Kasavubu overthrown (1965)
  • 32nd CFL Grey Cup: Montreal HMCS defeat Hamilton Flying Wildcats, 7-6 (1944)
  • Belgium government Jaspar falls (1929)

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