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Ten Random Quotes

"This path that we are now starting will be long, and we must follow it to remind ourselves of the great principles that, in our understanding, should always inspire us."
Marc Forne Molne

"Treasure each other in the recognition that we do not know how long we shall have each other."
Joshua L. Liebman

"How prophetic L'Enfant was when he laid out Washington as a city that goes around in circles!"
John Mason Brown

"Things always look darkest just before the bottom drops out."
Arthur Lifshin

"I am the guardian of power, not its owner."
Vicente Fox

"I don't doubt the sincerity of my Democratic friends. And they should not doubt ours."
John McCain

"What a strange thing is the propagation of life! A bubble of seed which may be spilt in a whore's lap, or in the orgasm of a voluptuous dream, might (for aught we know) have formed a Caesar or a Bonaparte - there is nothing remarkable recorded of their sires, that I know of."
Lord Byron

"Around every corner lurk greasy Fisherman's Platters that give children nightmares, Naugahyde minute steaks that put tofuburgers in a favorable light and all those ubiquitous fast-food indigestion huts."
Bryan Miller

"If you see yourself as prosperous, you will be. If you see yourself as continually hard up, that is exactly what you will be."
Robert Collier

"The human being who would not harm you on an individual, face-to-face basis, who is charitable, civic-minded, loving and devout, will wound or kill you from behind the corporate veil."
Morton Mintz

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