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Colin Powell Quotes

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"I can think of nothing that Saddam Hussein can do diplomatically (to avoid war). I think that time is now over. He's had his chance, he has had many chances over the last 12 years and he has blown every one of those chances."

"I want to scare the hell out of the rest of the world."

"War should be the politics of last resort. And when we go to war, we should have a purpose that our people understand and support."

"Get mad, then get over it."

"Don't let your ego get too close to your position, so that if your position gets shot down, your ego doesn't go with it."

"The chief condition on which, life, health and vigor depend on, is action. It is by action that an organism develops its faculties, increases its energy, and attains the fulfillment of its destiny."

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

"90 percent of my time is spent on 10 percent of the world."

"Think hard about it: I'm running out of demons. I'm running out of villians. I'm down to Castro and Kim Il Sung."

"Bad news isn't wine. It doesn't improve with age."

"Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it."

"Experts often possess more data than judgment."

"When we are debating an issue, loyalty means giving me your honest opinion, whether you think I'll like it or not. Disagreement, at this stage, stimulates me. But once a decision has been made, the debate ends. From that point on, loyalty means executing the decision as if it were your own."

"Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership."

"Have a vision. Be demanding."

"Remain calm. Be kind."

"You don't know what you can get away with until you try."

"I don't want to spend the rest of my life giving speeches."

"If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude."

"Giving back involves a certain amount of giving up."

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