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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Quotes

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"A correct answer is like an affectionate kiss."

"For just when ideas fail, a word comes in to save the situation."

"My poor head is in such a whirl, my mind is all in bits."

"The right man is the one who seizes the moment."

"Whatever liberates our spirit without giving us self-control is disastrous."

"Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes."

"It is better to be deceived by one's friends than to deceive them."

"Nothing shows a man's character more than what he laughs at."

"No one would talk much in society if they knew how often they misunderstood others."

"Everyone hears only what he understands."

"Mysteries are not necessarily miracles."

"Each indecision brings its own delays and days are lost lamenting over lost days... What you can do or think you can do, begin it. For boldness has magic, power, and genius in it."

"Being brilliant is no great feat if you respect nothing."

"Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean."

"A really great talent finds its happiness in execution."

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live."

"If any wish to write in a clear style, let him be first clear in his thoughts; and if any would write in a noble style, let him first possess a noble soul."

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

"The intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous, the sensible man hardly anything."

"The mediator of the inexpressible is the work of art."

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