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Peter Buck Quotes

"Almost all the fans I meet are pretty cool people. They're intelligent and tend to think about things a bit more than your average rock'n'roll fans: sensible people I wouldn't mind having a drink with."

"I'm not going to say anything nasty about golf. I have a standing offer - and I've told this to Bill and Mike - that if they ever do a charity golf thing again, I will get knickers and a tweed cap and, never having touched a golf club in my life, I will take mushrooms and do a full eighteen holes. As long as is televised."

"I don't take sports seriously although I like that Scottish thing where they throw the poles. I'm down with that."

"I've been to nudist beaches, like twice. But honestly, I just don't want to see these people naked. Most people look better with their clothes on, and the few that don't, look better than you, so why bother?"

"Most people look better with their clothes ON, and those ten people who don't look better than you, so why bother."

"We can all make music individually. But we are smart enough to know that the music we make together is far better."

"We played a lot of semi-biker bars. We'd go in and play three sets of our original stuff and, more than anything else, we had to beat 'em over the head with the beat becuase, if they didn 't know who you were, they didn't want to hear no love songs. We've never been beaten up at a club but boy, have we been threatened!"

"We're the acceptable edge of the unacceptable stuff."

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