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Virgil Quotes

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"He talks nonsense."

"Here I stand the perpetrator of the crime - turn then your sword on me."

"His sickness increases from the remedies applied to cure it."

"Hug the shore; let others try the deep."

"I shudder when relating it."

"I wrote these verses, but another claimed the merit of them."

"If one swain scorns you, you will soon find another."

"Impotent fury rages powerless and to no purpose."

"In strife who inquires whether stratagem or courage was used?"

"In vain have you tried your father's arts, you slippery one."

"Let not our proposal be disregarded on the score of our youth."

"Myself acquainted with misfortune, I learn to help the unfortunate."

"Not surpassing in crafty measures, but in the power of arms."

"O that Jupiter would but bring back to me the years that have passed!"

"Of such importance is early training."

"One man excels in eloquence, another in arms."

"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

"Passion and strife bow down the mind."

"Perhaps the day may come when we shall remember these sufferings with joy."

"She acquires momentum as she advances."

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