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Virgil Quotes

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"The accursed hunger for gold."

"The descent to the infernal regions is easy enough, but to retrace one's steps, and reach the air above, there's the rub."

"The goddess was discovered by her gait."

"Their own death accompanies the wound they inflict."

"There should be no strife with the vanquished or the dead."

"They appear but here and there swimming in the vasty deep."

"They succeed, because they think they can."

"This is no time for staring about."

"Time flies never to be recalled."

"To spare the vanquished, and subdue the proud."

"To whisper insidious accusations in the ear of the mob."

"Veiling truth in mystery."

"Want of pluck shows want of blood."

"We have to thank God for this retirement."

"We journey on in life through varied hazards and misfortunes."

"What will their masters not accomplish when low fellows are so presumptuous?"

"When I saw her I as undone."

"Whither art thou rushing to destruction?"

"Who could tell such a story with dry eyes?"

"Yield not to calamity, but face her boldly."

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