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Ten Random Facts

Scholars believe that the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty" is more than 500 years old, and it was originally written to mock a nobleman who fell from favor with England's King Richard III. Why the character is an egg has yet to be explained.

Peter George's novel "Two Hours to Doom" was given a different title and filmed as the 1964 movie hit "Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb."
Entertainment » Movies

A fly stuck in a spider web can escape in about five seconds if the spider doesn't get to it first.
Animals » Insects

Mae West never said "Come up and see me some time" in a movie. She actually said, "Why don't you come up some time and see me."

A baseball hit by a bat can travel as fast as 120 miles per hour.
Sports » Baseball

The giant squid is the largest creature without a backbone. It weighs up to 2.5 tons and grows up to 55 feet long. Each eye is a foot or more in diameter.

Helsinki is, after Reykjavik, Iceland, the world's northernmost capital city.
Geography » Europe

Olive oil is made only from green olives. Nearly the entire production of green olives grown in Italy is converted into olive oil.
Food and Drink

The first “dentists” in the world were the Etruscans. They carved false teeth from various mammal teeth in 700 B.C. They also produced partial bridgework that was strong enough with which to eat.

Two-thirds of men wear briefs, 22 percent wear boxers, and six percent don't wear underwear (I assume 6% did not answer).

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