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Ten Random Facts

The paper clip was patented by Norwegian inventor Johan Vaaler in 1899. Because Norway had no patent law at the time, he had to travel to Germany where he received his patent in 1900. His U.S. Patent was granted in 1901.
People » Inventors

Pharaohs ruled Egypt from 3110 B.C. until 332 B.C., when Egypt came under foreign rule.

Goat milk is used to produce Roquefort cheese.
Food and Drink

In relation to its size, the ordinary house spider is eight times faster than an Olympic sprinter.
Animals » Insects

"Kemo sabe" reportedly means "soggy shrub" in Navajo.
Words and Numbers

Jackie Bibby holds the record for sitting in a bathtub with the most live rattlesnakes. He sat in a tub with 35 of them.

8% of Americans twiddle their thumbs.

The average medium-sized piano has about 230 strings, each string having about 165 pounds of tension, with the combined pull of all strings equaling approximately 18 tons.

On her tombstone is written "She did it the hard way."
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The odds against a person being struck by a celestial stone--a meteorite--are 10 trillion to one.

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