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Ten Random Facts

The star-nosed mole, with 22 pink tentacles on its snout, is said to have the most delicate sense of touch in the animal world.

Eighteen ounces of an average cola drink contain as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.
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Basking sharks grow to over 30 feet long.

If global warming forecasts are true, the island country of Tuvalu might cease to exist within 100 years.

On October 5, 1953, the Yankees won their fifth straight World Series, a headlining feat never before achieved in baseball history. They beat the Dodgers 4-3 in the decisive sixth game of the series. Additionally, the Yankees chalked up their sixteenth World Championship against only four defeats.
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According to scientists, gold exists on Mars, Mercury, and Venus.

On February 14, 1803, Moses Coates patented the apple parer.

The eggplant has many names worldwide. In addition to "eggplant," it is called aubergine, brinjal, melanzana, garden egg, and patlican.
Food and Drink

The crocodile is surprisingly fast on land. If pursued by a crocodile, a person should run in a zigzag motion, for the crocodile has little or no ability to make sudden changes of direction.

A man was arrested and charged with the robbery—of vending machines. The man posted bail, entirely in quarters.
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