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Ten Random Facts

The swimming pool at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida is the largest in the continental United States. It covers a half acre and holds 600,000 gallons of water.

To save money on your food bill, look down. Less costly items are often on bottom shelves, whereas more expensive ones are placed at eye level.
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The potato was damned as an evil food in early Europe. The Scots refused to eat it because it wasn't mentioned in the Bible.
Food and Drink

The state of Pennsylvania can lay claim to some dubious firsts. The first woman governor. The zipper. Toilet paper. And the autogiro, ancestor to the helicopter.
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On the professional golf tour, players are allotted 45 seconds per shot.

The American TV hit Survivor was based on the Swedish TV game show Operation Robinson.

According to "The Farmers' Almanac," to test your love, you and your lover should each place an acorn in water. If they swim together, your love is true; if they drift apart, so will you.

The name of the magical land in The Wizard of Oz was created when author L. Frank Baum, struggling for the perfect name, looked at his filing cabinet and saw labeled on the drawers ďA-N" and "O-Z."

Egeskov Castle in Denmark, complete with moat and drawbridge, was built in 1554 in the middle of a small lake, Egeskov. The name means literally "oak forest," and the castle rests on a foundation of thousands of upright oak trunks.

A jellyfish is not a single animal but a colony of animals. Some tentacles act as a balance, others sting enemies, some catch prey, while others are in charge of breeding.

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