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Ten Random Facts

During Australia's gold rush in 1850, only a few miners ever became rich. Instead, merchants and shopkeepers were the ones who really got rich.

An elephant may consume 500 pounds of hay and 60 gallons of water in a single day.

A lion in the wild usually makes no more than 20 kills a year.

6% propose over the phone.

On September 18, 1974, box-office favorite Doris Day won a $22.8 million suit against her former lawyer and manager, Jerome B. Rosenthal, for malpractice in handling her affairs. She eventually settled for $6 million.

A shark can detect one part of blood in 100 million parts of water.

You lose enough dead skin cells in your lifetime to fill eight five-pound flour bags.
Medicine and Health

A shrimp has five pairs of legs.

Seventy-three percent of Americans are willing to wear clothes until the clothes wear out. The poll conducted by Louis Harris and Associates also revealed: 92 percent are willing to eliminate annual model changes in automobiles; 57 percent are willing to see a national policy that would make it cheaper to live in multiple-unit apartments than in single-family homes; 91 percent are willing to eat more vegetables and less meat for protein.

Rap music star Vanilla Ice's real name is Robert Van Winkle.

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