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Ten Random Facts

Golf-great Billy Casper turned golf pro during the Korean War while serving in the Navy. Casper was assigned to operate and build golf driving ranges for the Navy in the San Diego area.

"Grand Illusion" was the first foreign language film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.
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When two words are combined to form a single word (e.g., motor + hotel = motel, breakfast + lunch = brunch) the new word is called a "portmanteau."
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More than 71 million gallons of water pass over Victoria Falls in Africa every minute.

The malady suffered by Ferdinand, a character in the Renaissance drama The Duchess of Malfi, was lycanthropy the belief that he was a werewolf.

More than 5,600 men died while building the Panama Canal. Today, it takes more than 8,000 workers to operate and maintain the canal. It takes a ship an average of 33 hours to travel the length of the canal.

The adjective "metopic" pertains to the forehead.

When Ben Franklin was living in England, he used the breast stroke during his regular swims across the Thames River the same stroke used by Matthew Webb in 1875 when he became the first person to swim the English Channel.

Handsome silent film star Francis X. Bushman was the first film actor to be called "King of the Movies." That label would later be affixed to Clark Gable, where it has since remained.

A blood clot that clogs the artery is called a thrombosis.
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