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Ten Random Facts

The average American walks 18,000 steps a day.

Because the eyes work harder when viewing objects up close, particularly on a computer monitor, it is the proximity of the VDT screen to the eyes that causes eyestrain, not "radiation" emitted from the screen. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, using a computer or video display terminal will not harm your eyes.

ATMs Around The World: Bankomat - Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Cajero Automático - Venezuela and Argentina, Cashi Coruna (cash corner) - Japan, Toda Hora, or ATH (all hours) - Puerto Rico, Caspomat (auto money) or Bankat (little bank) - Israel, ABM (Automatic Bank Machines) - Canada, Penz Automata Gepek - Budapest, Hungary, AutoTeller, HandyBank, CashPoint, Flexibank - Australia, Mini-banks - Norway.
Words and Numbers

According to a study, the most popular medium of gift-exchange in Eastern Europe is a bottle of vodka, especially a good brand name vodka.
Food and Drink

The coffee filter was invented by Melissa Bentz, in Germany in 1908. She pierced holes in a tin container, put a circular piece of absorbent paper in the bottom of it and put her creation over a coffee pot.
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Under Norwegian law, a polar bear may be shot only if deemed a menace.
Laws and Customs

Human reproduction follows lunar time rather than sidereal, or solar, time: Gestation is about 266 days — nine lunar months — and the menstrual period is one lunar month.

Women reject heart transplants more often than men.

From 1941 until 1950, violet was part of the color mixture for "M&M's"® Plain Chocolate Candies. Violet was replaced by tan.
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Theodore Roosevelt sued Iron Age magazine for referring to him as a drunk. He won a settlement of six cents.
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