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Ten Random Facts

There were 6,600 traffic fatalities in the United States in 1913 for 2.5 million registered vehicles, or about 26.5 deaths per 10,000 vehicles. In 1999, with 41,3000 deaths and more than 218 million vehicles, the U.S. death rate has come down to about 1.9 deaths per 10,000 vehicles.

The Jerusalem artichoke is neither from Jerusalem nor is an artichoke. It's the knobby nut-brown tuber of a sunflower.
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Premier travel magazine Arizona Highways has not accepted advertising since 1939. An estimated seven of ten copies of the publication are sent out of state, making it a powerful marketing tool for the state's tourism department.

Five percent of people who frequent restaurants claim they eat out because they do not know how to cook.
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Cats have better memories than dogs. Tests conducted by the University of Michigan concluded that while a dogs memory lasts no more than 5 minutes, a cat's can last as long as 16 hours - exceeding even that of monkeys and orangutans.

During filming of "Air Force One" (1997), the wild activity of taxiing and braking during one morning's shooting caused the 747's wheels to overheat, triggering a safety device that deflated all the tires rather than risk a blowout.
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When thirsty, a camel can swig down 25 gallons of water in less than three minutes.

A phrenologist feel and interpret skull features.
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Adolf Hitler's favorite dog, Blondi, an Alsatian, was used to make sure his cyanide capsules were lethal. Hitler used the cyanide to commit suicide when he saw it worked on Blondi.

Originally, the adjective "meretricious" meant of, like, or characteristic of a prostitute.
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