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Ten Random Facts

The bow used by Olympic archers measures a maximum of 6 feet for men, 5 feet for women. It is made of laminated wood, and is coated with graphite or fiberglass.
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A fish was once caught in Delaware Bay with a watch ticking inside it.

To escape the grip of a crocodile's jaws, push your thumbs into its eyeballs-it will let you go instantly.

New research indicates that eating garlic during pregnancy can cut the risk of raised blood pressure and protein retained in the urine, or pre-eclampsia.

In the marriage ceremony of the ancient Incas, the couple was considered officially wed when they took off their sandals and handed them to each other.

The costume of Sesame Street's Big Bird is made of turkey feathers dyed yellow, of course.
Entertainment » Television

Air conditioning was invented by Willis Carrier to help a Brooklyn, New York, printer get decent color during hot, humid weather. Air conditioning wasn't used for cooling people until 1924 when it made it's debut at the J.L. Hudson Department Store in Detroit, Michigan.

Jennifer Aniston of Friends is the daughter of actor John Aniston of the daytime drama Days of Our Lives. John was born in Crete, Greece, and the original family name was Anastassakis; he changed it when the family moved to the United States.
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Fish fillets generally come with the skin on; fish steaks are usually skinless.
Food and Drink

Liv Tyler was named after film actress Liv Ullmann because she was reportedly on the cover of TV Guide the week baby Liv was born. She's the daughter of Aerosmith lead singer Steve Tyler and Bibi Buell.

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