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Ten Random Facts

To save money on your food bill, look down. Less costly items are often on bottom shelves, whereas more expensive ones are placed at eye level.
Food and Drink

Hitler was claustrophobic. They had to install a mirror in an elevator just to keep him from being scared.
People » Celebrities and Public Figures

Changes to the appearance of the White House in Washington D.C., have occurred over the years. For instance, President William Taft converted the White House stables into a garage for four cars in 1909. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, an avid golfer, had a putting green installed on the White House lawn. He also banished squirrels from the grounds because they were ruining the green. President Richard Nixon disliked the press, so it was odd that he ordered the filling in of the White House's swimming pool, thus giving reporters more room when covering White House events. Soon after Nixon resigned in disgrace in 1974, the new President, Gerald Ford, had another pool dug on the White House lawn.

Abraham Lincoln considered his Gettysburg Address “a flat failure.”
People » US Presidents

Pluto's one moon, Charon, is 12,200 miles from the planet and has a diameter of just 740 miles (1,200 km). First seen from Earth in 1978, tiny Charon is similar in size to Pluto. The two bodies orbit each other like a double planet, with the same sides permanently facing each other. Pluto and Charon are so close in proximity it is believed that they may share an atmosphere.

After Frank Lahainer died in March 1995 in Palm Beach, Florida, his widow Gianna had him embalmed and stored for 40 days at a funeral home. It seemed that Frank, worth $300 million, died at an inconvenient time – in the middle of Palm Beach's social season. Gianna didn't want to miss any of the parties.

There are 364 gifts named in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song.

Before making his mark as a composer of acclaimed pop tunes, Paul Williams served as an apprentice jockey at age 13. He also worked for an insurance company, joined a skydiving show, and appeared on the stage in summer stock.
Entertainment » Music

Bette Davis starred in a series of prestigious films that brought her an Best Actress Oscar nomination for five years in a row. She won the statuette for the first," Jezebel" (1938). The other films were "Dark Victory" (1939), "The Letter (1940)," "The Little Foxes" (1941), and "Now, Voyager" (1942).
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The toga of ancient Rome was won only by freeborn men.

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