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Ten Random Facts

Disney World in Florida was opened to the public in 1971. The amusement park was the largest in the world, set within 28,000 acres. It required a $400-million investment, and did not do well during the first year it was opened. Only 10,000 people visited Disney World during that initial year. With time, however, the attendance numbers rose to more than 10,000 people an hour.
Entertainment » Disney

Many species of butterflies, like birds, fly south for the winter.
Animals » Insects

Fresh apples float because 25 percent of their volume is air.
Food and Drink

While the world was busy welcoming the arrival of the twentieth century on December 31, 1900, a forceful gale on England's Salisbury Plain blew over one of the ancient monumental stones at Stonehenge.

The Secret Service's code name for Barbara Bush was "Tranquility." President Bush was known as "Timberwolf."
People » US Presidents

Did you play with LEGO blocks when you were a kid? Since 1949, the LEGO company, based in Denmark, has produced more than 200,000,000,000 of the plastic elements that make up the Lego System. There are 102,981,500 ways to combine six of the 8-studed bricks of one color. The name LEGO did not come from the cry of an angry mother who couldn't get her kid to put down his toys and come to dinner: "LEGO of those bricks or I'll kill you!" It's from the Danish, "LEg GOdt," which means "play well."

Rulership by words is called logocracy.
Words and Numbers

A Chilean man who has been stopped from voting in three elections because officials keep insisting he is dead said he was tired of arguing and would never try to vote again. "I'm tired of complaining without any success. I think this is the last time I am going to bother," said Ernesto Alvear, 74. For the third time in an election, Alvear was told by officials in the port city of Valparaiso that he could not vote because, officially, he had been dead for almost 10 years. The mix-up was due to the death of another man with the same name, forcing Alvear to provide skeptical officials with documents proving he is alive.
Laws and Customs » Strange Rules and Laws

The female name Camille is derived from Latin, and means "young ceremonial attendant."
Words and Numbers

Basketball's three-point field goal distance, established by the NBA, is 22 feet. Internationally, it's set at 20 feet, 6.1 inches.
Sports » Basketball

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