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Ten Random Facts

Hindu tradition says that gold is the noblest of metals, and when a father sees his newborn child, he should touch it with gold.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt died two weeks before Germany finally surrendered during World War II.
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The smallest island with country status is Pitcairn in Polynesia, at just 1.75 sq miles/4,53 sq km.

Oscan was an Italian language spoken in much of central and south Italy. It was gradually supplanted by Latin after the absorption the area by Rome in the third century.

In Riverside, California, there is an old law on the city's books which makes it illegal to kiss unless both people wipe their lips with rose water.
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Words that contain the same root, such as the words "wise" and "wisdom," are said to be paronymous.
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When Pierre Trudeau wed Margaret Sinclair in 1971 he became the only Canadian Prime Minister to get married while in office. The couple divorced in 1984.

A "clue" originally meant a ball of thread. This is why one is said to "unravel" the clues of a mystery.
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The famous painting of "Whistler's Mother" was once bought from a pawn shop.

Two-thirds of men wear briefs, 22 percent wear boxers, and six percent don't wear underwear (I assume 6% did not answer).

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