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Ten Random Facts

In 1937 the emergency 999 telephone service was established in London. More than 13,000 genuine calls were made in the first month.

Something or someone that uses two languages, or is bilingual, can be said to be "diglot."
Words and Numbers

Eating a cereal like “Cap'n Crunch ‘Oops All Berries” or “Fruity Pebbles” will turn your stool green.
Food and Drink

Parties at the White House during President Herbert Hoover's term were big events. As many as 4,000 invitations to a gala would be loaded on trucks and hand delivered around Washington, D.C.
People » US Presidents

The U.S. Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 made it more difficult for black slaves to escape to freedom. Prior to the act passing, slaves were free if they could get to a free state or territory. The Fugitive Slave Act required that slaves be returned to their owners.

TV show creator Sherwood Schwartz originally intended the title of The Brady Bunch series to be Yours and Mine.

Men who take steroids to build muscle are believed to have extremely low sperm counts. So reported the British Centre of Reproductive Medicine study, which revealed that, after giving up steroids, it takes one to three years for a man to recover enough to father a child.

It is against the law to yell out "Snake!" within the city limits of Flowery Branch, Georgia.
Laws and Customs

It is estimated that 1.8 billion light bulbs are manufactured each year in the United States.

As many as 50 gallons of maple sap are needed to make a single gallon of maple sugar.
Food and Drink

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