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Ten Random Facts

Thomas Edison had a collection of 5,000 birds.

Only female mosquitoes bite and drink blood. Male mosquitoes do not bite, but feed on the nectar of flowers.
Animals » Insects

Leaves don't actually change colors in the fall. They normally look green because they contain chlorophyll. When the leaf dies the chlorophyll disappears and the other colors, associated with substances that were there all along, emerge.

In the 1880s, tobacco companies used baseball cards to stiffen the small, soft cigarette packages and boost sales. These early baseball cards became very popular. The cards varied in design and format, and measured about 1.5 x 2.5 inches, much smaller than contemporary sports trading cards.
Sports » Baseball

As much as 40-percent of the entire world's varieties of freshwater fish are to be found in the Amazon River basin. There are about 8,600 species of birds in the entire world, and more than half of them are also represented in this area.

The only two mammals to lay eggs are the platypus and the echidna. The mothers nurse their babies through pores in their skin.

The state of Michigan claims more varieties of trees than all of Europe, which are spread over 19 million forested acres more than half the state.

Daily average yield of an oil well at full production in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay field is 10,000 barrels. In the other 48 states, the average is only 11 barrels.
Geography » US

The word "callow" in the term "callow youth" means "not yet having enough feathers to fly."
Words and Numbers

Rudyard Kipling, living in Vermont in the 1890's invented the game of snow golf. He would paint his golf balls red so that they could be located in the snow.

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