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Ten Random Facts

Words that contain the same root, such as the words "wise" and "wisdom," are said to be paronymous.
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On December 15, 1854, Philadelphia began using the first street-cleaning machine.

A kibei is a native U.S. citizen born of immigrant Japanese parents but educated largely in Japan.

In South America, it would be rude not to ask a man about his wife and children. In most Arab countries, it would be rude to do so.
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Of his 50-year film career, John Wayne once said, "I can't remember if I've made 200 or 400 films." In 1956, "The Duke" was the highest paid actor in the world, and Time magazine labeled him "the biggest moneymaker in movie history."
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Julia Roberts' father died of cancer when she was just 9 years old.

Chewing gum is outlawed in Singapore because it is a means of "tainting an environment free of dirt."
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The word “struthious” refers to something that resembles or is related to ostriches.

After U.S. warplanes bombed the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia in May 1999, the Chinese government temporarily pulled U.S. movies from theaters. After the bombing, "Saving Private Ryan" was yanked from China's cinema houses and replaced with violent war films from the 1950s, showing Chinese soldiers fighting U.S. troops during the Korean War.
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Las Vegas means "the meadows" in Spanish. Ironically, the city in the desert was once abundant in water and vegetation.
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