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Ten Random Facts

The muskellunge, a fierce fighting fish that can weigh in at around 70 pounds, is the official state fish of Wisconsin.
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A number of governments once offered subsidies to help people buy fishing boats.

The strongest any liquor can be is 190 proof. This means the beverage is a little more than 97 percent alcohol.
Food and Drink

There was a "pony express" in Persia many centuries before Christ. Riders on this ancient circuit, wearing special colored headbands, delivered the mails across the vast stretch of Asia Minor, sometimes riding for hundreds of miles without a break.

Will Smith's first big screen role was in the film Where the Day Takes You (1992).
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Humphrey Bogart never says "Play it again, Sam" in "Casablanca." Instead, he says, "You played it for her; you can play it for me... If she can stand it, I can. Play it!"
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The city of London has had a mayor since the 12th century. And since 1215 when Magna Carta was signed, there has been an annual Lord Mayor's Show.

A frog is a device at the intersection of two railroad tracks to permit the wheels and flanges on one track to cross or branch for the other.

The practice of exchanging presents at Christmas originated with the Romans.

Mechanical clocks were invented in the late Middle Ages. The length of an hour had varied prior to that, depending on the time of year.

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