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Ten Random Facts

Each year, Americans increase their rice intake by about 1 pound. Consumption has doubled in 15 years and is now 25 pounds per American annually. Worldwide, the annual average of rice consumption is 150 pounds
Food and Drink

O'Hare Airport in Chicago was called Orchard Place until 1949, and the airport is still abbreviated "ORD."

“Raise” and “raze” are a remarkable pair of words. They're both homonyms and antonyms of each other.
Words and Numbers

The Taco Bell dog is a girl. Her name is Gidget.
People » Celebrities and Public Figures

Not including owls, there are about 295 species of birds of prey in the world. They all share the common features of talons with sharp claws, a sharp hooked beak, and large eyes.

Since 1950, the three most recorded songs in the United States have been "St. Louis Blues," "Tea for Two," and "Body and Soul."
Entertainment » Music

From "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" – In the U.S., "shag" is far less offensive than in other English-speaking countries. Singapore briefly forced a title change to "The Spy Who Shioked Me." ("Shioked" means "treated nicely.")
Entertainment » Movies

[Webmaster's Note: I don't know if the following individuals can actually be considered criminals, but, what the heck...]Three monkeys hurled bananas and crab apples at cars on Interstate 95, then fled into the woods, police said. Police believe the monkeys escaped while being taken to the state fair in Richmond or a circus in North Carolina. State Trooper Mike Scott was flagged down Sunday by a driver who had pulled over near Jarratt. "When I walked up to the car, it looked like a banana had been smeared on the side," Scott said. The woman told him a monkey had thrown the fruit about a mile back. "I started laughing," Scott said. But he drove to the scene of the attack and found a van and a station wagon on the side of the highway. "A man said, 'I know this sounds crazy, but a monkey threw an apple at our car,'" Scott said. Just then, something hit the van. "Lo and behold there were three brown monkeys in an oak tree throwing crab apples," Scott said. The primates jumped down, ran across the highway and escaped into more trees.
People » Crimes & Dumb Criminals

The Virginia opossum is the only marsupial (pouched mammal) indigenous to North America. They will play dead when threatened, and contrary to folklore, do not sleep hanging by their tails. They have a litter size of up to 22, but only a maximum of 13 offspring live. Their babies stay in the pouch for the first 60 days.

Eleven days before the statute of limitations was to expire on the Brink's robbery in Boston, Massachusetts, that netted nearly $3 million in January 1950, one of the robbers confessed and betrayed his fellow robbers.
Laws and Customs

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