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Ten Random Facts

An estimated $2.8 billion is spent annually on flea-related veterinarian bills. Pet owners spend an estimated $1.6 billion annually for flea treatment through groomers, $4 billion for over-the-counter treatments, and $348 million professional flea control.
Animals » Insects

Babies are born without kneecaps; they don't appear until the ages of 2 to 6.

The seeing-eye dog, or any dog trained to guide the blind, cannot tell a red light from a green one. When it lead its master across the street, it watches the traffic flow to tell when it is safe to cross.

Cheryl Ladd (of Charlie's Angels fame) played the voice, both talking and singing, of Josie in the 70s Saturday morning cartoon Josie and the Pussycats.
Entertainment » TV and Movies

Casey Kasem is the voice of Shaggy on Scooby-Doo.
Entertainment » TV and Movies

Almost every weekday morning, free Kleenexes are handed to the commuters in front of Japan's rail and bus stations. The tissues are distributed by workers of the companies whose messages and advertisement are printed on the packages. The reason for this. . . most public bathrooms do not have paper towels or toilet paper.
Laws and Customs

All organic compounds contain carbon.
Science and Technology

Of all cheese customs, one of the more unusual was that of the "groaning cheese." Years ago in Europe, a prospective father would nibble on a huge chunk of cheese while awaiting the home birth of his child. Instead of pacing outside the bedroom door, the father would eat from the center of the cheese until a large hole had been gnawed out. Later, his newborn infant was ceremoniously passed through the hole.
Food and Drink

A "criticaster" is an incompetent, inferior critic.
Words and Numbers

RARE AIR was the immodest two-word statement on basketball great Michael Jordan's Illinois vanity license plate in the 1990s.

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