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Ten Random Facts

Edgar Allan Poe and James Abott McNeill Whistler both went to West Point, the United States Military Academy.

The Sun isn't round. It is flattened on the top and the bottom.

Construction on the Berlin Wall began in 1961.

The whistling swan has more than 25,000 feathers on its body.

The famed London Bridge spanned the River Thames for almost 140 years. In 1968, the city of London decided to sell its sinking bridge for $2.6 million to Robert P. McCulloch, founder of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, who needed a bridge to connect the city to an island in the lake. The island was created in order to remove an obstruction that blocked water flow from the Colorado River into Thompson Bay. It took three years to carefully dismantle, pack, ship, and reconstruct the landmark bridge in the desert state. It cost more than $7 million to rebuild it in Lake Havasu City. Finally, on October 10, 1971, London Bridge was officially dedicated in Arizona before a crowd of 100,000 in a lavish ceremony.

"Cats" is based on fourteen poems of T. S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
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Because of the rotation of the earth, an object can be thrown farther if it is thrown west.
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Wine tasters never drink the wine they taste. They sip it, swish it about in the mouth, gargle with it, and then spit it out. Swallowing wine is believed to dull the palate, not to mention the brain.
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Mountain goats grow luxurious winter coats more than three inches of cashmere-quality wool, overlaid with long hollow hairs. The hardy animals can endure winter temperatures as low as minus 50 F, and powerful winds up to 100 miles per hour.

The world's rarest coffee comes from Indonesia. At approximately $300 U.S. dollars per pound, Kopi Luwak is the end product of a cat-like marsupial, called the Paradoxurus, that loves eating coffee berries. The enzymes in the animal's stomach add a unique flavor during the fermentation process.
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