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Ten Random Facts

Under U.S. federal guidelines, there should be 21 to 25 jumbo shrimp in a pound.
Food and Drink

During an interview telecast on October 31, 2000, soon-to-be President George W. Bush told talk show host Jay Leno a story about his brother Marvin urinating on the steam iron when he was a kid.
People » US Presidents

The “Nutcracker” ballet owes its origins to two stories. “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King,” by E.T.A. Hoffman, was a dark work that was not meant for children. Today's versions of the ballet have some elements from the original story, but most of the plot comes from the lighter “The Nutcracker of Nuremburg” by Alexandre Dumas.

Thomas Edison’s first major invention was the quadruplex telegraph. Unlike other telegraphs at the time, it could send four messages at the same time over one wire.
People » Inventors

The word “groggy” originally referred to a person who was drunk on “grog.” The alcoholic beverage was actually watered down rum, an idea that didn't please the sailors of 1740, when Admiral Vernon of the British Fleet enacted it.
Words and Numbers

The branch of entomology dealing with ants is called "myrmecology."
Words and Numbers

Greece's national anthem has 158 verses.
Geography » Europe

Vic Cedarstaff of Wickenburg, Arizona has been credited with the accidental invention of the bola tie. As the story goes, one day while riding his horse, Cedarstaff's hat blew off but the leather hatband slipped down around his neck. He left it on and a friend remarked that it looked nice. Soon thereafter, a replication of his original bola appeared on Arizona maps. The name comes from the bola, a device used by South American cowboys to rope cattle, because the rope device and the tie resemble each other.

Women were not allowed to vote in France until 1944.
Laws and Customs

The tallest artificial structure in the world is the KTHI-TV tower in North Dakota, at a height of 2,063 feet.

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