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Ten Random Facts

In 1878, Wanamaker's of Philadelphia was the first U.S. department store to install electric lighting.

If you are afraid that you might die laughing you are suffering from cherophobia.

Over half of the city of Frankfurt, Germany, was destroyed during World War II and the rebuilders decided to be innovative in the city's restoration. As a result, the Frankfurt skyline looks more like that of Chicago than of Germany. Frankfurt is now a thriving recreational center for the whole of Hesse, with a good selection of theatres, galleries, and museums.

Students at U.S. colleges and universities read about 60,000 pages in four years.

Gothic was originally a term of criticism among the Italian Renaissance artists who coined it. The term implied that, compared to superior classical buildings, the Gothic medieval cathedrals were so crude that only a Goth could produce them. By indirectly condemning the Goths, the Italian architects revived an old hatred. The southward migration of these warring, loathsome German barbarians in the fifth century A.D. had contributed to the decline of ancient Rome.

Per the British Cheese Board, cheese appears in 32 percent of British lunchboxes and sandwiches. Cheese on toast and other bread uses account for more than 60 percent of all meal occasions featuring cheese.
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Ales usually have a fuller flavor and body than lagers or pilsner. The length of time the malt is roasted determines the color and flavor of the ale. Pale ales have malts that are dried rather than roasted. Therefore, they have a light gold or copper color and a crisp, lighter flavor.
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Charlotte, North Carolina, was the gold-mining center of the United States before 1849.

The male praying mantis often loses his head literally after courting the female. The latter is known to decapitate the earnest suitor, and she often completely devours him.
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In the original architectural design, the French Cathedral of Chartes had six spires (It was built with two spires).

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