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Ten Random Facts

The average bat radiates at 102o F.

Nearly 87 percent of 103 people polled in 1977 were unable to identify correctly an unlabeled copy of the Declaration of Independence. (The poll was conducted at a shopping area in Fort Lauderdale, Florida).

The world's two largest dams are both in Russia. They are the Inguri (988 feet high) and the Nurek (984 feet high).

The paper clip was patented by Norwegian inventor Johan Vaaler in 1899. Because Norway had no patent law at the time, he had to travel to Germany where he received his patent in 1900. His U.S. patent was granted in 1901.

The greatest funeral for a gangster ever held in Chicago was for a flower shop entrepreneur named O'Banion. The shop, at the corner of State and Superior Streets, was a front for O'Banion's bootlegging and hijacking operations. Ten thousand mourners were in attendance, and the most expensive wreath it cost $1,000 came from Al Capone, who had ordered that O'Banion be rubbed out.
Laws and Customs

The campy 1964 sci-fi flick "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians," which featured a young, unknown Pia Zadora as a spunky Martian girl, was filmed in an airplane hangar on Long Island, New York.
Entertainment » Movies

In the late 1990s, newscaster Diane Sawyer's annual salary was $7 million a year.

Wile E. Coyote has only caught the Road Runner once, on May 21, 1980.

According to Dennis Changon, spokesman for the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal, Canada - if all of the commercial planes in the world were grounded at the same time there wouldn't be space to park them all at gates.

Stanley Andrews and Ronald Reagan both served as hosts of television's Death Valley Days.

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