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Ten Random Facts

Norwegian Roald Amundsen led the first group to reach the South Pole. Although his expedition set out before Amundsen's, Robert Falcon Scott and his men reached the South Pole a month later. Tragically, Scott and his men froze to death only a few miles from safety on the trip back. Had they jettisoned the heavy load of scientific samples collected on their journey, they might have reached shelter before being struck by the bad weather which stranded them.

The brain is told which way the head is moving, and how fast the motion is, by the degree and direction the ear's canal hairs bend.

There have been several documented cases of women giving birth to twins who had different fathers, including cases where the children were of different races. To do so, the mother had to have conceived both children in close proximity. There has also been one recent case where a mother gave birth to unrelated "twins." In that instance, the mother underwent in vitro fertilization and had her own child and the embryo of another couple accidentally implanted in her.

Most vampires are described in folklore as flushed and ruddy, with swollen bodies and bloated faces. Often, they can be identified because they're sitting up in the grave.

James Buchanan was the only president never to be married. During his term, the Confederate States of America declared their independence.
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Many prominent Frenchmen, including 18 kings, share the name Louis.

In the old school primer Now We Read, the name of the cat featured with Dick, Jane, Sally, and their dog Spot, was Puff.
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Penguins can jump as high as 6 feet in the air.

Outside the USA, Ireland is the largest software producing country in the world.
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Montgomery Ward was the first to advertise "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" in 1874 two years after Aaron Montgomery Ward launched his first mail-order catalog.

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