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Ten Random Facts

During the Cambrian period, 570 and 500 million years ago, a day was only 20.6 hours.

The nicknames of the famous marble lions that stand before the Beaux-Arts building of the New York Public Library have changed over the decades. First they were called Leo Astor and Leo Lenox, after Library founders John Jacob Astor and James Lenox. Later, they were known as Lord Astor and Lady Lenox. During the 1930s, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia named them Patience and Fortitude qualities he felt New Yorkers needed to survive the Depression. They are still so named. Patience still guards the south side of the Library's steps and Fortitude sits stoically to the north.

Deer mice are the most widespread of all North American mice. About the only place where deer mice won't be found is in Florida and other swampy regions of the southern United States. They prefer reasonably dry country.

The classic Ukrainian tradition of writing pysanky, the ornate decorating of Easter eggs, dates back to over 1,000 years. The present-day symbolic ornamentation of the pysanky consist mainly of geometric motifs. The most important motif on the batik-decorated egg (psyanka) is the stylized symbol of the Sun, seen as a broken cross, triangle, and an 8-point rosette or a star.

Humans have about 80,000 genes in their DNA.

Since the 1840s, the residents of Pietarsaari, a town on Finland's coast, have decorated a Christmas street, Storgatan, since the 1840s. Suspended over the street are three large illuminated decorations: a cross symbolizing faith, an anchor representing h

Author Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973) once commented, "Perhaps one has to be very old before one learns how to be amused rather than shocked."

Visual scientists have estimated that, by the age of 60, our eyes have been exposed to more light energy than would be released by a nuclear blast.

The second Monday of October in Japan is Taiiku no Hi, or Sports Day, a national holiday intended to foster healthy minds and bodies through physical activity. It was originally established to commemorate the 1964 Olympic Games held in Tokyo, which were held from October 10 to 24. It was designated a national holiday two years later in 1966; in 2000, it was changed to the second Monday of the month.

The fragrant patchouli is a member of the mint family.

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