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Ten Random Facts

Stanley Kubrick's first United Kingdom film was the controversial Lolita (1962). The film was carefully produced so as to not offend the censorship boards, which, at that time, had the power to squash the commercial success of most films.

The smallest snake is the blind or thread snake. They are around 6 inches (15 centimeters) long, but are rarely seen as they burrow underground.

The first bottles of Coca-Cola sold for a mere 5 cents per bottle in 1899. There are now more than 1,000 Coca-Cola bottling plants worldwide.
Food and Drink

A male pig is a boar. A female pig is a sow. A baby pig is a piglet.

The Procrastinators Club of America sends news to its members under the masthead "Last Month's Newsletter."

The gesture of a nose tap in Britain means secrecy or confidentiality. In Italy, a tap to the nose signifies a friendly warning.

One of the greatest orators of all time, Demosthenes (384?-322 B.C.) was once a stutterer who stubbornly trained himself to stop. Reportedly, he put pebbles in his mouth and practiced speaking aloud.
Words and Numbers

The longest lightning flashes measured have been 20 miles in length. Long flashes occur most often by high clouds. The smallest flashes may measure less than 300 feet.

Rutherford B. Hayes ended Reconstruction and withdrew federal troops from the South.
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A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than the 6,000 Centigrade found at the surface of the Sun.

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