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Ten Random Facts

In 1928, Katharine Hepburn made her professional acting debut in a minor role in the play "Czarina."
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22% leave the glob of toothpaste in the sink.

According to one poll, three-fourths of all American women wear a bra that is the wrong size.

Built on Crete, the first major civilization in Europe was the Minoan civilization. Named for its ruler, King Minos, it was at its peak around 2000 B.C.

Between the mid-1860s and 1883, the bison population in North America was reduced from an estimated 13 million to a few hundred.

Paper can be made from asparagus.
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Worms can have up to ten hearts.
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Charles Schulz' 1998 biography, written by Rheta Grimsley Johnson, is titled Good Grief.

The blow of a whale has a strong, foul odor. It apparently smells like a combination of spoiled fish and old oil. Because whales have such terrible breath, sailors believed at one time that a whiff of it could cause brain disorders.

There are 2,000,000 different combinations of sandwiches that can be created from a SUBWAY menu.
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