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Ten Random Facts

The Egyptians first invented toothpaste some 5,000 years ago. It was a crude mixture of wine and pumice. From the early Roman Empire until eighteenth-century Europe and America, urine was a main ingredient in toothpaste, because the ammonia in it is an excellent cleaner. Ammonia is still a main ingredient in many types of toothpaste.

A bird sees everything at once in total focus. Whereas the human eye is globular and must adjust to varying distances, the bird's eye is flat and can take in everything at once in a single glance.

"Doubleheader," which refers to two baseball games played back to back, was originally a railroad term that referred to two engines in a switching yard hooked up back to back on a single train. The train could also be called a "two-header."
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Asian tree frogs build nests in trees over water. When their tadpoles hatch, they drop directly into the water.

In South Africa, termites are often roasted and eaten by the handful, like pretzels or popcorn.
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In England, the last execution of a witch took place in 1712.

Markswoman Annie Oakley began shooting at the age of nine.

The Sumerians invented a system of writing called cuneiform in B.C. 3500. While they also had a calendar and a legal system, the cuneiform was their most important discovery.

The Jumbotron scoreboard at the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario, measures 33 feet by 115 feet and has 420,000 light bulbs, the largest scoreboard in the world. Home of the Toronto Blue Jays, the SkyDome has a 348-room hotel located in center field. Seventy of those rooms have views of the field. The apex of the retracted dome is 310 feet, making it the tallest in Major League baseball. The SkyDome opened in 1989.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the umbrella was regarded as effeminate. Men rarely used one.

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