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Ten Random Facts

To say "hello" in Sri Lanka, a person must place their palms together under the chin and bow slightly.

The female blue crab can lay up to 1 million eggs in a day.

In the history of the solar system, 30 billion comets have been lost or destroyed. That amounts to only 30 percent of the estimated number that remain.

On November 23, 1835, Henry Burden of Troy, New York, developed the first machine for manufacturing horseshoes. Burden later oversaw the production of most of the horseshoes used by the Union cavalry during the U.S. Civil War.

William Caxton, an English printer, established the first printing press in England in 1476.

Legendary comedian and actor Bob Hope served as master of ceremony solo and with others a total of 16 times, and he participated in a record 27 Academy Awards presentations. No other individual has come close in their number of appearances in the annual award ceremony.

William H. Harrison was the first candidate to have a campaign slogan: “Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too.”
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The highest rating given a top quality diamond is D-flawless.

The hydrochloric acid of the human digestive process is so strong a corrosive that it easily can eat its way through a cotton handkerchief, and even through the iron of an automobile body. Yet, it doesn't endanger the stomach's sticky mucus walls.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak earned money in college by selling "blue boxes" to other students. A blue box attached to a pay telephone and created the proper signals to allow a user to make free phone calls.

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