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Ten Random Facts

A tsunami can travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles in a few hours.

In English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts. In old England, when customers became unruly, the bartender would yell at them to mind their own "pints and quarts" and settle down. From that, we got the abbreviated phrase "mind your P's and Q's."
Food and Drink

In 1945, Percy Spencer discovered that when popcorn was placed under microwave energy, it popped. This led to many experiments with other foods, and ultimately, the birth of the microwave oven.

The Associated Press reported in December 1985, in Eugene, Oregon, a 6-month-old kitten set a Christmas tree on fire while batting at the lighted bulbs. The heat of the fire cracked a nearby fishbowl, and water from the bowl doused some of the fire. Firefighters arrived within minutes of the fire starting and put out the fire, which had spread to the carpet. A goldfish named Clyde was found lying prone in the cracked bowl, and when put into another bowl with water, was quickly revived and survived the ordeal. The water in Clyde's bowl had prevented the fire from getting out of control.

Girls weren't dressed in blue, apparently because people didn't think that evil spirits would bother with them. Eventually, however, girls did get their own color: pink. Pink was chosen because of an old English legend which said that girls were born inside of pink roses.

Devoid of its cells and proteins, human blood has the same general makeup as sea water.
Medicine and Health

As a child, Beethoven made such a poor impression on his music teachers that he was pronounced hopeless as a composer. Even Haydn, who taught him harmony, did not recognize Beethoven's potential genius.

Astronaut Sally Ride displayed her competitive and academic spirit at an early age. As a girl, her outstanding tennis skills led her to rate eighteenth nationally on the junior tennis circuit; she had considered a professional tennis career before going to college.

One out of every fifteen American adults got his or her first job with McDonald's.

Baby mink are born blind and remain sightless for a month.

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