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Ten Random Facts

The Sun's equator is 2,717,952 miles around; it would take 3,645,000,000 people holding hands to go around it.

There is evidence to suggest that ginger root is effective against motion sickness and nausea when taken in powdered form.
Food and Drink

Since the 1840s, the residents of Pietarsaari, a town on Finland's coast, have decorated a Christmas street, Storgatan, since the 1840s. Suspended over the street are three large illuminated decorations: a cross symbolizing faith, an anchor representing h

Joe Namath, one-time New York Jets quarterback, donated pantyhose to Planet Hollywood. He wore the pantyhose on the football playing field on chilly days.

On March 16, 1952, 6 inches of rain fell in one day on the town of Cilaos in the Reunion Islands.

The first college course on oil and gas production was offered for the 1912-1913 term at the School of Engineering at the University of Pitts burgh. Professor Roswell Hill Johnson was the class's instructor.

Computer monitors need to stay cool. Unfortunately, they make handy resting places for various items. But if papers, manuals, and other miscellany are piled on top of the monitor, the cooling vents are blocked. Internal heat shortens the life of monitors.

Roman emperor Caligula appointed his favorite horse, Incitatus, a consul of Rome.

It is forbidden to take photographs at a Quaker wedding.
Laws and Customs

The study of folklore and legends is called storiology.
Words and Numbers

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