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Ten Random Facts

The typical person swallows 295 during dinner.

Mansard, gambrel, hip, gable, and lean-to are types of roofs on buildings.

The word "snorkel" comes from the German word Schnorchel, which was a tube used by German submarine crews in WWII. The subs used an electric battery when travelling underwater, which had to be recharged using diesel engines. The engines needed air to run. To avoid the hazard of surfacing to run the engines, the Germans used the schnoerkel to feed air from the surface into the engines.
Words and Numbers

The winds inside cumulonimbus clouds may reach a speed of 124 miles per hour, as fast as many express trains.

Not all leeches are bloodsuckers. Many are predators which eat earthworms, etc. The nearest relatives of leeches are earthworms.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau invented the aqualung, the self-contained device that supplies air under pressure for underwater divers.

The first Indian reservation in America was established at Indian Mills, New Jersey, on August 29, 1758.
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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans eat more than 22 pounds of tomatoes every year. More than half this amount is eaten in the form of ketchup and tomato sauce.
Food and Drink

Although the female hormone estrogen is generally prescribed to women to combat the symptoms of menopause, a study suggests that low doses of the hormone also may reduce the risk of heart disease in older men.

The United States produces the world's largest crop of soybeans. China is the second largest producer.

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