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Ten Random Facts

There are 102 floors in the Empire State Building.

The first contraceptive diaphragms, centuries ago, were citrus rinds (i.e., half an orange rind).

McDonald's restaurants in Italy include some typical Italian dishes on its menu, including Marinara salad with shrimps and salmon in fresh lettuce and Fiordiriso, a salad with rice, tuna, ham and mushrooms.
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Clint Eastwood was 41 years old when he debuted in the role of maverick Det. "Dirty" Harry Calahan in the action film "Dirty Harry" (1971). Reportedly, the part had been turned down by Paul Newman, John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, and Frank Sinatra. Eastwood insisted on performing his own action stunts, including the famous scene where he jumped from a bridge to the roof of a moving school bus.
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The deepest canyon in the USA is Kings Canyon, East Fresno, CA, which runs through Sierra and Sequoia National Forests. The deepest point, that measures 8,200 ft, is in the Sierra National Park Forest section of the canyon.

Early in his career, William F. Buckley, Jr. was employed as a Spanish teacher at Yale.
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The worst catastrophe in rock history was hosted by the Who in 1979. Booked at the Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, the band watched as a crowd rushed the stadium doors before the show. Eleven fans were crushed and killed in the melee. After the show, Roger Daltry is said to have cried his eyes out.
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The famed London Bridge spanned the River Thames for almost 140 years. In 1968, the city of London decided to sell its sinking bridge for $2.6 million to Robert P. McCulloch, founder of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, who needed a bridge to connect the city to an island in the lake. The island was created in order to remove an obstruction that blocked water flow from the Colorado River into Thompson Bay. It took three years to carefully dismantle, pack, ship, and reconstruct the landmark bridge in the desert state. It cost more than $7 million to rebuild it in Lake Havasu City. Finally, on October 10, 1971, London Bridge was officially dedicated in Arizona before a crowd of 100,000 in a lavish ceremony.

Canned herring were dubbed "sardines" because the canning process was first developed in Sardinia, Italy.

Robert Mitchum was an actor's actor. He enjoyed his celebrity, but never took being a star very seriously. His movie career began during World War II, when the rugged, sleepy-eyed actor was fired from an aircraft plant because he threw a punch at his foreman. Acting in the movies, he figured, couldn't be any worse. Years later, he was arrested for marijuana possession. Miraculously, his film career survived the scathing publicity in fact, Mitchum became even more popular after the headline event. It was a first in the U.S. film industry for a major star to be arrested and not have his/her career terminated by an outraged studio or public.

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