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Ten Random Facts

Fannie Farmer published her first cookbook in 1896.
Food and Drink

The Giant cricket of Africa enjoys eating human hair.
Animals » Insects

Iowa has more independent telephone companies than any other state.

Pumpkin flowers are edible.
Food and Drink

In a century's time Islam had converted one-third of the world.

The first time an enormous amount of clothing was needed all at once was during the Civil War, when the Union needed hundreds of thousands of uniforms for its troops. Out of this need came the ready-made clothing industry.

Someone who speaks through clenched teeth is called a dentiloquist.

Five years after their wedding, Hillary Rodham decided to use her husband's surname. She took Bill Clinton's last name after he lost re-election for governor of Arkansas.
People » US Presidents

Ancient Egyptians used citrus fruits in embalming. The Romans used them much like mothballs.
Food and Drink

The stomach acids in a snake's stomach can digest bones and teeth but not fur or hair.

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