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Ten Random Facts

The name of the statuette atop the hood of every Rolls Royce car is The Spirit of Ecstasy.

California legislation prohibits netting for swordfish or thresher shark within 75 miles of the mainland from February 1 through August 14.
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The first comic weekly was The John Donkey. Published by G.B. Zieber & Company, the sixteen page paper sold for six cents. Unfortunately, it only lasted from January 1848 to October 1848.

A vampire bat drinks only 8 teaspoons of blood or less a night.

Chocolate not only does not promote tooth decay, it might prevent it. According to the American Dental Association, milk chocolate contains ingredients, such as calcium and phosphate, that might modify acid production in the mouth that leads to cavities. Some oils in chocolate might also prevent tooth decay. Chocolate does contain sugar, of course, but these are simple sugars that are less harmful than the complex sugars contained in other foods.
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In the movie "Toy Story", the carpet designs in Sid's hallway is the same as the carpet designs in "The Shining."
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The Sun is estimated to be 20 to 21 cosmic years old.

Electrical hearing aids were invented in 1901 by Miller R. Hutchinson, who was (you guessed it) from New York.
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It takes about nine minutes for a snowflake to fall to Earth from a height of 1,000 feet.

Giant squids can grow up to 60 feet long.

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