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Ten Random Facts

Napoleon favored mathematicians and physical scientists, but excluded humanists from his circle, believing them to be troublemakers.

Plenilune is an archaic term for a full moon.

57% of British school kids think Germany is the most boring country in Europe.

Worker ants can carry up to 50 times their own body weight. Worker ants are always female.
Animals » Insects

Supermodel Tyra Banks was the first African American to appear solo on the cover of the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue.

According to one source, Americans buy about 5 million things that are shaped like Mickey Mouse, or have a picture of Mickey Mouse on them, in the course of one day.
Entertainment » Disney

There is no proof that Phineas Taylor Barnum ever said "there's a sucker born every minute." He did, however, say that "every crowd has a silver lining," and acknowledged that "the public is wiser than many imagine."

Trivia is the Roman goddess of sorcery, hounds and the crossroads.

In 1892, Emile Berlinger developed the master disc, from which several copies of a record could be made on vulcanized rubber. Before then, singers had to repeat a song for each copy of a recording.

One of the longest surnames ever recorded is that of Major Tollemache-Tollemache de Orellana-Plantagenet-Tollemache-Tollemache (1858-1917), a British soldier.

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