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Ten Random Facts

Moonstones are so named because they have a soft, luminous glow much like moonlight. The Greeks believed that the stones became brighter or dimmer with the Moon's phases. A moonstone was also believed to be a powerful good luck charm, and it was customarily worn as a guarantee of success in a precarious endeavor.
Words and Numbers

Per a "New Yorker" story, a small amount of a pot of homemade fish stock made by poet Allen Ginsberg a few days before he died in 1997 was saved by one of Ginsberg's friends. The friend froze a bit of the unusual soup, thinking it would someday be a cultural icon. Several museums in 2001 competed to secure the frozen stock.
Food and Drink

Between 80 to 90 percent of the world's caviar comes from the Caspian Sea region.
Food and Drink

Everyone knows that Theodor Geisel was the real name of the man we refer to as Dr. Seuss. But did you know that Seuss was Geisel's middle name? He initially used it in college after being caught with alcohol in his dorm room at Dartmouth during Prohibition. Geisel was forced to resign as editor from the school's humor newspaper as punishment. So he called himself "Seuss" and stayed on at the paper. The title became official in 1957 when Dartmouth awarded him an honorary doctorate.

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum was opened to the public on August 10, 1962, Hoover's 88th birthday. More than 2,200 researchers from every state in the country and a dozen foreign countries have utilized the library's seven million pages of documentary holdings.

The foundations of the great European cathedrals go down as far as forty or fifty feet. In some instances, they form a mass of stone as great as that of the visible building above the ground.

Mickey Mouse has four fingers on each hand.

Since April 1999, anyone carrying more than a half-pound of caviar into the United States must produce permits showing it was legally harvested. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also DNA-tests caviar shipments to affirm they really contain the premium varieties like beluga, which retails for about $80 an ounce in the United States.
Laws and Customs

From the monarchs' investment of $6,000 in Columbus's first voyage, Spain had a return of $1,750,000 in gold after only one century.

In hockey, a "butterfly" is a goaltending style in which the goalie keeps his knees together and feet slightly apart.

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