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The crocodile is a cannibal; it will occasionally eat other crocodiles.

Octopi and squid have three hearts. Their main systemic heart pumps blood throughout the circulatory system, and two branchial hearts provide some additional push at each of the paired gills.

February is the mating month for gray whales.

The crocodile is surprisingly fast on land. If pursued by a crocodile, a person should run in a zigzag motion, for the crocodile has little or no ability to make sudden changes of direction.

Of all known forms of animals life ever to inhabit the earth, only about 10 percent still exist today.

Fish travel in schools, whales travel in pods or gams.

Of the 250-plus known species of shark in the world, only about 18 are known to be dangerous to man.

Flamingoes feel safest when they are crowded together, hundreds in a group.

Flamingoes live remarkably long lives: up to 80 years.

Rhinos are in the same family as horses, and are thought to have inspired the myth of the unicorn.

Snakes continue to grow until the day they die.

Weighing approximately 13 pounds at birth, a baby caribou will double its weight in just 10 days.

The oyster is usually ambisexual. It begins life as a male, then becomes a female, then changes back to being a male, then back to being female; it may go back and forth many times.

The Pastern is the part of a horse located on the foot between the fetlock and the hoof.

The digestive juices of crocodiles contain so much hydrochloric acid that they have dissolved iron spearheads and six-inch steel hooks that the crocodiles have swallowed.

The penculine titmouse of Africa builds its home in such a sturdy manner that Masai tribesman use their nests for purses and carrying cases.

The domestic cat is the only species able to hold its tail vertically while walking. Wild cats hold their tail horizontally, or tucked between their legs while walking.

When a hippopotamus exerts itself, gets angry, or stays out of the water for too long, it exudes red sweatlike mucus through its skin.

The Penguin is the only bird that can swim, but not fly. It is also the only bird that walks upright.

A kind of tortoise in the Galapagos Islands has an upturned shell at its neck so it can reach its head up to eat cactus branches.

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