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The stomach acids in a snake's stomach can digest bones and teeth but not fur or hair.

The March Hare from Alice In Wonderland portrays the actual antics of real hares during springtime, when they jump around and hit their large hind feet on the ground.

Some species of dinosaur were the size of chickens.

Birds cannot go into outer space, because they use gravity to assist them in swallowing, so they'd quickly choke and die in a non-gravity environment.

The Metro Goldwyn Mayer lion lived in Memphis, Tennessee.

Humans have three color receptors in their eyes, while goldfish have four, and mantis shrimp have ten.

Studies have shown that pigs are one of the more intelligent animals, surprisingly. They come a close second only to primates. They are so smart, in fact, that they can be trained to do tricks like a dog.

Birds do not sleep in their nests, although they may rest in them from time to time.

The average giraffe has a blood pressure two or three times that of the average human.

Some birds from the rain forests of South America actually breed in Canada in the summer, before returning south for the winter.

The giant Pacific octopus can squeeze its entire body through a hole the size of its beak.

More types of fish live in one Amazon River tributary than in all the rivers in North America combined.

Penguins generally mate once and produce one egg per year.

The mako shark and great white shark are two of the few species of shark that are warm blooded.

You can house break an armadillo.

Cows are the only mammals that pee backwards.

Greyhound dogs can see better than any other breed of dog.

The opossum is a North American mammal about the size of a cat. It looks much like an over sized rat. In fact, one type of opossum is actually called the rat opossum. What's most interesting about opossums is how it reacts to predators: if it can't escape and hissing and showing its teeth do not scare off the predator, they pretend to die. The thing is, it's not doing this because it wants to; it can't really control it. Its muscles tighten up in fear and it faints.

The giant tortoise can live longer in captivity than any other animal.

The pekingese is the royal dog of China.

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