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Sissy Spacek was 24 when she portrayed a disturbed 15-year-old on an interstate crime spree with her psychotic boyfriend, in the film Badlands (1973).

Kim Basinger was extremely shy as a child – so much so that her parents had her tested to determine if she was autistic.

Six years before Xena: Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless was crowned Mrs. New Zealand in 1989.

Kim Basinger's mother had been a champion swimmer who performed water ballets in several Esther Williams movies in the 1940s.

Sixty-three years before Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith co-starred in the box office sci-fi smash Men in Black, the Three Stooges starred in a 19-minute comedy short also titled Men in Black (1934). Unlike the 1997 film, the goofy trio of Moe, Larry, and Curly were inept doctors at a hospital where they disrupted patients and staff.

Kirstie Alley worked for a time as an interior designer.

Sleeping Beauty's name was Princess Aurora. The prince who woke her with a kiss was Prince Philip.

L. Frank Baum, the author of the The Wizard of Oz, couldn't swim. He always smoked a cigar when he was wading in the water so he could tell when he was getting in too deep.

Some years after his arrest for drugs, Culture Club's Boy George said wistfully in an interview, "I thought there was no one else like me in the world."

Lalo Schifrin wrote the distinctive score for television's Mission: Impossible, for which he earned the Grammy for Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television Show in 1968.

Larry Hama, who wrote the 155 issues of the "G.I. Joe" comic book, played a North Korean soldier who stole a jeep that Maj. Frank Burns was riding in a M*A*S*H episode.

Spanning from late 1950 to early 1951, Patti Page's "Tennessee Waltz" was in Billboard's number 1 singles spot for nine weeks.

Lassie is the favorite movie dog of animal experts, beating out Benji and Beethoven, according to a survey of Humane Society directors conducted by stuffed animal manufacturer Dakin, Inc.

Lassie was played by several male dogs, despite the female name, because male collies were thought to look better on camera. The main “actor” was named Pal.

Laura Dern earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her illuminating performance as the title character in Rambling Rose, an underrated picture in 1991 that also won a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her mother, Diane Ladd. This was the first time a mother-daughter team had been so honored; they became the first mother and daughter ever nominated for Academy Awards for the same movie.

When actor Yul Brynner had hair, it was dark brown.

When actor-director Ron Howard was 21, he was a cast member in John Wayne's last film, The Shootist. While other cast members were awestruck by The Duke, Howard said he got along well with him, as they both had a passion for rehearsing their lines, which they frequently did together.

When actress Delta Burke competed at the Miss America Pageant as Miss Florida in 1974, she told reporters that she'd been named after her mother's "goofy" cat, Delta, who liked to chase dogs and swim in the ocean.

Spike Lee wanted to be a second baseman for the New York Mets when he was young.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was crowned Mr. Universe in 1967 at the age of 20, he became the youngest man ever to win the title. He also collected the titles of Mr. Europe and Best-Built Man of Europe, and also won the International Powerlifting Championship. In 1968, defending his Mr. Universe title, he placed second – one of the few setbacks of his entire bodybuilding career. Thereafter, his triumphs in the sport were so consistent (he won four more Mr. Universe titles and six consecutive Mr. Olympia titles) that Schwarzenegger retired after 7 years because he felt he "wasn't giving others a chance to win."

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