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According to sources, singer John Denver's real name was Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.

Aerosmith used to like to bring chainsaws with them on tour so they could hack up hotel rooms easier. They also traveled with extra-long extension cords, so that the televisions they tossed out windows would keep playing until they hit the ground.

Aerosmith went berserk on their first Japanese tour. On opening night, they destroyed the backstage area when they found turkey roll on the buffet table. Lead singer Steven Tyler commented, “I explicitly said ‘No turkey roll.'”

Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like A Lady," was written about Vince Neil of Motley Crue.

After a concert, Van Halen's David Lee Roth would sit in the door of their tour bus and have the road manager douse his feet in Perrier.

After a trip to Egypt, Culture Club's Boy George decided to enter the stage of a 1983 concert through a giant sphinx head. The first time he tried it, the head didn't open. Boy George stood behind it screaming curses. When the stage crew pulled the head open, George appeared on the stage smiling and skipped out to greet the crowd.

Alice Cooper liked to wear a pet boa constrictor around his neck while on stage. While rehearsing in his hotel room, the snake started to constrict Cooper's neck. A bodyguard couldn't get the snake to release, so he took out a pocketknife and cut off the snake's head.

Alicia Silverstone, the 18-year-old star of Clueless (1995), was previously in three Aerosmith music videos – one won the best video of all time award from MTV.

American singer and composer Roy Orbison was credited by the Beatles as being influential to their early musical style.

An assortment of madcap clowning, the 1964 movie was originally titled Beatle-Mania. The Fab Four decided against it, and chose a new title for their first major film: A Hard Day's Night.

Aretha Franklin was sued for breach of contract in 1984 when she was unable to open in the Broadway musical Sing, Mahalia, Sing, mainly because of her phobia of flying.

At a concert in Sacramento, California, in 1965, Keith Richards smashed his microphone with the neck of his guitar. It caused a giant bolt of electricity that sent Richards flying through the air, and knocking him on his back, unconscious. Two minutes later, he came to. He credited his survival to the thick soles of the suede Hush Puppy boots he was wearing at the time.

At birth, country singer Garth Brooks was named Troyal Garth Brooks.

At fifteen years old, James Brown was arrested and sent to jail for stealing clothes out of parked cars. Brown said, “They sent me to prison for being dumb.”

At one time, Michael Jackson was going to Disneyland three to four times dressed in costumes to blend in with the crowd. He would wear wigs, fake beards, hats and fake noses, but eventually gave up the disguises. Instead he went in a wheelchair so he could get to the front of the lines first.

At the end of the Beatles' song "A Day in the Life," an ultrasonic whistle, audible only to dogs, was recorded by Paul McCartney for his Shetland sheepdog.

Beach Boy Brian Wilson spent the years from 1971 to 1975 in bed.

Before becoming successful in her own right, singer Sheryl Crow sang backup for Michael Jackson's 18-month “Bad” tour and later, for Don Henley.

Before he became the reigning male artist in country music, Garth Brooks worked as a sporting goods employee and as a manager of a cowboy-boot store.

Before he catapulted to fame, Bob Dylan was paid $50 in 1960 for playing the harmonica on a Harry Belafonte album.

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