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Television's Mr. Ed's voice was supplied by Allan Lane.

The 100th episode of "Frasier", which originally aired on NBC-TV in September 1997, was filmed on the streets of Seattle.

The 1947 World Series brought in television's first mass audience. It was carried in New York, Philadelphia, Schenectady, and Washington, D.C., and was seen by an estimated 3.9 million people – 3.5 million of them in were in pubs and bars.

The 2000 TV show Survivor was a runaway hit with viewers. After it aired, CBS received nearly 50,000 applications for the second Survivor contest – more than eight times the 6,100 who applied for the initial round on the deserted island Pulau Tiga, off the coast of Borneo. Of those, only sixteen contestants were selected for Survivor 2: The Australian Outback.

The acronym "U.N.C.L.E." on the 1960s TV spy series stood for United Network Command for Law Enforcement.

The actual character name of the Skipper (played by actor Alan Hale) from the television show Gilligan's Island was Jonas Grumby

The canine star Lassie was not female. Several male dogs played the part in the television series.

The character of the Professor on Gilligan's Island was named Roy Hinkley. The Skipper was named Jonas Grumby. Both names were used only once in the entire series, on the first episode.

The characters Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street were NOT named after Bert the cop and Ernie the taxi driver on Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life, as is widely believed. Sesame Street creators confirm it was purely coincidental

The characters in The Addams Family did not have names in the New Yorker cartoons; Charles Addams created their names when the television series in the 1960s was developed.

The childhood word game Hangman was the inspiration for TV's Wheel of Fortune.

The comedy team of Wayne and Shuster, who were legends in the history of Canadian entertainment, appeared a record 67 times on Ed Sullivan's variety television show.

The costume of Sesame Street's Big Bird is made of turkey feathers – dyed yellow, of course.

The first American television series acquired for screening in the Soviet Union was Fraggle Rock.

The first television sitcom couple to ever share the same bed on a regular basis was Lily and Herman Munster.

The first toilet ever seen on TV was on the show Leave It to Beaver.

The first toy product ever advertised on television was Mr. Potato Head®. Introduced in 1952, Mr. Potato Head took advantage of TV's explosive growth to gain access to tens of millions of newly "plugged-in" households.

The first TV soap opera, Faraway Hill, debuted on the DuMont network in 1946.

The full name of Rhea Perlman's award-winning character on TV's Cheers was "Carla Maria Victoria Angelina Teresa Apollonia Lozupone Tortelli LeBec."

The Miss Venezuela Pageant is the most widely watched TV program of the year in that country, oftentimes capturing 66 percent of the viewing audience.

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