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Geography Trivia

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China's largest city is Shanghai.

The U.S. mint in Denver, Colorado is the only mint that marks its pennies.

The original fifty cent piece in Australian decimal currency had around $2.00 worth of silver in it before it was replaced with a less expensive twelve sided coin.

On a trip to the South Sea islands, French painter Paul Gauguin stopped off briefly in Central America, where he worked as a laborer on the Panama Canal.

Guam has seven public elementary schools.

Nepal's flag isn't rectangular. Or square. It's two triangles, sorta.

Newfoundland's time zone is half an hour off of all the others. So are Iran's, bits of India's, Afghanistan's, Burma's, and Nauru's. And some other islands. Like Australia.

The Republic of San Marino is the world's smallest republic (24 sq. miles) and possibly the oldest state in Europe (founded 4th century AD, according to tradition.)

Mount St. Helens dropped 1,313 feet in 1980.

There is a prison in Ossining, New York named "Sing Sing."

Rome is considered "The Eternal City."

If you could cut out the United States, its center of gravity would be at Friend, Nebraska.

In downtown Lima, Peru, there is a large brass statue dedicated to Winnie-the-Pooh.

Antarctica is the only continent that does not have land areas below sea level.

Alaska is the only state without a state motto.

In Brazil, Christmas is celebrated with fireworks.

Portugal is the world's largest producer of cork. The country has regulations protecting cork trees dating back to 1320. During the 1920ís and 30ís, it became illegal to cut down the trees other than for essential thinning and removal of old non-producing trees.

La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia is the highest capital in the world. Ski resorts there operate only on weekends during the South American summer (November to March). At an elevation of over 17,000 feet, it is too cold to operate during the South American winter.

Using satellite-surveying techniques, scientists have determined that Los Angeles, California is moving east. At a rate estimated to be about one-fifth on an inch per year, the city is moving closer to the San Gabriel Mountains.

Montpelier, Vermont is the only U.S. state capital without a McDonald's.

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