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Geography Trivia

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The smallest state in the US has also the longest name. The official name of Rhode Island is Rhode Island and Plantation Provinces.

The city of Istanbul straddles two separate continents, Europe and Asia.

Australia is the richest source of mineral sands in the world.

The largest country in Africa is the Sudan. The Arc of the Covenant is said to be located in Axum, Ethiopia.

Since the 1930ís the town of Corona, CA has buried, and lost, all 17 of its time capsules.

West Virginia consists of those counties of Virginia which refused to secede from the Union at the start of the Civil War. Maine used to be part of Massachusetts. The original colonies made all kinds of land claims for the frontier west of them.

The most remote island in the world is Tristan da Cunha, which is above the sub-Antarctic zone.

French speaking residents of Belgium are called Walloons.

There are 3,900 islands in the country Japan, the country of islands.

MCW in Columbus was the first state college for women in the country established in 1884.

The McCoy Federal Building in Jackson is the first federal building in the U.S. named for an African American.

John Stetson learned hatmaking in Dunn's Falls.

The oldest field game in America is Stickball founded by the Choctaw Indians of Philadelphia.

Alcorn State University in Lorman is the oldest black land grant college in the world. The International Checkers Hall Of Fame is in Petal.

Cartoonist Rick London (London's Times) is from Lumberton.

Resin Bowie, the inventor of the Bowie knife is buried at Pt. Gibson.

The Vicksburg National Cemetery is the second oldest in the country.

The Mississippi Legislature passed one of the first laws in 1839 to protect the property rights of married women.

Coca Cola was founded by Joseph A. Biedenharn in Vicksburg.

Mississippi was the first state to outlaw imprisonment of debtors.

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