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The home team must provide the referee with 36 footballs for each National Football League game.

Olympic Badminton rules say that the birdie has to have exactly fourteen feathers.

Many Japanese golfers carry "hole-in-one" insurance, because it is traditional in Japan to share one's good luck by sending gifts to all your friends when you get an "ace." The price for what the Japanese term an "albatross" can often reach $10,000.

Will Clark, professional baseball player, is a direct descendant of William Clark of Lewis and Clark.

The 1990 New York Yankee pitching staff set an all-time record with the fewest complete games, three.

Rick and Paul Reuschel of the 1975 Chicago Cubs combine to pitch a shutout, the first time brothers do this.

At 101, Larry Lewis ran the 100 yard dash in 17.8 seconds setting a new world record for runners 100 years old or older.

The silhouette on the Major League Baseball logo is Harmon Killebrew.

Superfly Jimmy Snuka was the first E.C.W. World Champ.

Honey is used as a center for golf balls and in antifreeze mixtures.

Jackie Robinson was the only person to letter in four sports at UCLA. Of all of them, he supposedly liked baseball the least.

Kresimir Cosic is only non-American player in NBA Hall of Fame.

In 1986 Danny Heep became the first player in a World Series to be a designated hitter (DH) with the initials "D.H."

Pro golfer Wayne Levi was the first PGA pro to win a tournament using a colored (orange) ball. He did it in the Hawaiian Open in 1982.

Pittsburgh is the only city where all major sports teams have the same colors: Black and gold.

"Diddle for the middle" is a slang expression used for the start of a darts game. Opposing players each throw a single dart at the bull's eye. The person who is closest starts the game.

Eddie Gaedel was the 3'7' midget who played in only one game against the St. Louis Browns and the Detroit Tigers. In the second inning of a double-header, St. Louis manager, Zach Taylor, sent 3'7', 65-pound Eddie Gaedel up to bat. Gaedel stood in a crouch up at the plate, giving pitcher Bob Cain a strike zone of about one and a half inches. Gaedel was walked on four straight pitches.

Fastest round of golf (18 holes) by a team - 9 minutes and 28 seconds. Set at Tatnuck CC in Worcester in September 9, 1996 at 10:40am.

The National Hockey League has a rule that permits their players from taking aspirin. Strangely, there is no rule that says they can't drink or use illegal drugs.

Frank Mahovlich played for 3 different teams during his NHL career: Toronto, Detroit, and Montreal. For all three, he wore the number 27.

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