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The most common place name in Britain is Newton, which occurs 150 times.

Sweden is the biggest user of ketchup spending$4 a year on it. Australia comes in second with $2.50 spent on ketchup each year. Third place goes to the United States and Canada who spend $2.20 a year on ketchup. How do other countries stack up: Germany $1.70, United Kingdom $1.60, Poland and Japan $1.40, France $1.20, and Russia $0.90.

More than 40 percent of the women in the United States were in the Girl Scouts organization. Two-thirds of the women listed in Who's Who of Women were Girl Scouts.

If population continues to expand at its present rate, Calcutta, India, will have a population of 66 million in the year 2000.

Tangshan, China, suffered the deadliest earthquake of the 20th century on July 28, 1976. One quarter of the population was killed or seriously injured, with an estimated 242,000 people killed.

More than 45,000 pieces of plastic debris float on every square mile of ocean.

If we were to up-turn the Millennium Dome at Greenwich, London, it would take 3.8 billion half-liters of beer to fill it up.

More than 50 percent of adults surveyed said that children should not be paid money for getting good grades in school.

If you are classified as a POSSLQ by the Census Bureau, you are a "Person of Opposite Sex, Sharing Living Quarters."

If you stacked one million $1 dollar bills, the pile of money would weigh 2,040.8 pounds. If you used $100 dollar bills, the stack would weigh only 20.4 pounds.

With 382,650 babies being born each day and 144,902 people dying daily, the world population increases about 237,748 people a day.

The most popular form of hair removal among women is shaving. According to the Gillette company, 70 percent of women who remove hair do so by shaving.

With 980-plus species, bats make up more than 23 percent of all known mammals by species.

The most popular topic of public speakers is motivation at 23 percent, followed by leadership at 17 percent.

Teenagers often have episodes of anger and negativity in which they slam doors and scream tirades. According to experts, most puberty-driven "snit fits" last an average of 15 minutes.

With more than 105 million pounds in 1997, Georgia is the world's top pecan producer; Texas came in second with 90 million pounds.

The National Sporting Goods Association says one-fourth of all athletic products are purchased during November and December, the holiday shopping period.

Ten books on a shelf can be arranged in 3,628,800 different ways.

More than 60 percent of all recipients of organ donations are between the ages of 18 and 49.

Your birthday is not a special day after all--you share it with no fewer than nine million others.

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