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In the United States, deaf people have safer driving records than hearing people nationally.

One-fourth of the world's population lives on less than $200 a year. Ninety million people survive on less than $75 a year.

In the famous Parker Brothers game "Monopoly," the space on which a player has the greatest statistical chance of landing is Illinois Avenue. This is followed by the B&O Railroad, Free Parking, Tennessee Avenue, New York Avenue and the Reading Railroad.

Burns are second only to traffic accidents as the cause of accidental loss of life in the U.S.: about 6,000 fatal burns a year.

The U.S produces 19% of the world's trash. The annual contribution includes 20 billion disposable diapers, 2 billion razors and 1.7 billion pens.

More than 63 million Star Trek books, in more than 15 languages, are in print; 13 were sold every minute in the U.S. in 1995.

New York City has the largest black population of any city in the United States. It is followed by Chicago and Philadelphia.

No one knows how many people live in the country of Bhutan. As of 1975, no census had ever been taken.

In the United States, five million teeth are knocked out annually.

Every year, over 8800 people injure themselves with a toothpick.

There are more television sets in the United States than there are people in Japan.

On a bingo card of ninety numbers there are approximately 44 million ways to make B-I-N-G-O.

Researcherd don't know why, but people living in mountain states eat 30% more cookies than other people.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, one person is killed annually painting stripes on the state's highways and roads.

In 1993 there were an estimated 64 million cats in the United States.

Half a billion people - about one of every eight - are suffering chronic malnutrition today.

People are marrying younger today than they did before the turn of the century. In the United States, in 1890, the average age of men at their first marriage was twenty-six years, compared with twenty-three today. For women, the corresponding figures are twenty-two then and just under twenty-one now.

Per capita, Canada has more doughnut shops than any other country.

In 1977, according to the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, there were 14.5 telephone calls made for every 100 people in the entire world.

The photo most often requested from the U.S. National Archives is that of the meeting between Elvis Presley and President Nixon in 1970. Presley had requested that Nixon make him an honorary drug enforcement agent and Nixon accommodated him.

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