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Ten percent of frequent fliers say they never check their luggage when flying.

Lost time in traffic could cost American businesses up to 100 billion dollars per year.

According to NASA, the U.S. has the world's most violent weather. In a typical year, the U.S. can expect some 10,000 violent thunderstorms, 5,000 floods, 1,000 tornadoes and several hurricanes.

The chance of contracting an infection during a hospital stay in the USA is 1 in 15.

The number of births in India each year is greater than the entire population of Australia.

Li is the family name for over 87 million People in China.

Americans use over 16,000 tons of aspirin a year.

The typical person swallows 295 during dinner.

The most common surname in Sweden is Johansson.

France has the highest per capita consumption of cheese.

The voltage of most car batteries is 12 volts.

The typical person goes to the bathroom 6 times a day.

The most common Spanish surname is Garcia.

In 1969, Iowa State College conducted a survey indicating that a parent's stress level at the time of conception is a major factor in determining the child's sex. The child is usually the same sex as the less stressed parent.

An eyebrow typically contains 550 hairs.

Hawaii has the highest percentage of cremations of all other U.S. states, with a 60.6 percent preference over burial.

Two out of three adults in the United States have hemorrhoids.

The Japanese cremate 93 percent of their dead, as compared to Great Britain at 67 percent and the United States at just over 12 percent.

Nearly half of all psychiatrists have been attacked by one of their patients.

About 24 percent of alcoholics die in accidents, falls, fires, and suicides.

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