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You are more likely to win the state lottery than to be attacked by a shark.

Statistically the safest age of life is 10 years old.

Automobiles take up about 24 percent of the total area of Los Angeles.

About 43% of convicted criminals in the U.S. are rearrested within a year of being released from prison.

There was a ratio of 35 women to one man in England mental asylums in 1971. However in England prisons, this ratio was the opposite.

Seven people have been struck by meteorite fragments.

Coffee is the second largest item on international commerce in the world.

People in Iceland read more books per capita than any other people in the world.

Odds that you'll be killed by a plane falling from the sky: one in 25 million. Odds that it will happen today: 1 in 7 trillion.

Boys who have unusual first names are more likely to have mental problems than boys with conventional names. Girls don't seem to have this problem.

Sweden has the least number of murders annually.

The 3 largest newspaper circulations are Russian.

Smoking accounts for at least 7% of all health care costs in the US.

The salt scattered on American highways each winter to keep cars from skidding on snow and ice represents 10 percent of the world's annual output of the mineral.

53% of high school grads and 27% of college grads "get most of their information from TV."

The one extra room new-home shoppers want the most is the laundry room, at 95 percent. Only 66 percent of new-home buyers request an extra room to use as an office.

Most shark attacks are not deadly. Less than 20 percent of those attacked are killed. Contrary to popular belief, sharks don't tear their prey to pieces. After the initial attack, they tend to circle around waiting for the victim to die from blood loss. This gives time for rescue. Before you start having shark nightmares, however, remember this: More Americans are killed each year from bee-attack than from shark-attack.

The only country to register zero births in 1983 was the Vatican City.

Seven billion gallons of water are flushed down toilets in the U.S. every day.

The average raindrop reaches a top speed of 22 miles per hour.

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