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A bowling pin needs to tilt only 7.5 degrees to fall.

A British expression for a cushion is a “squab.”

A British slang term for something fashionable is “swish.” On the other hand, the slang adjective “swishy” is a disparaging term used for an effeminate male homosexual.

A British term for a barn owl is "padge."

A broad, shallow cork used for a wide-mouthed bottle is called a shive.

In hospital slang, a GOMER is a patient seeking emergency treatment for a minor complaint. The term is an acronym for "Get Out of My Emergency Room."

In Irish parlance, a “gossoon” is a servant boy.

Any number squared is equal to one more than the numbers on either side of it: 4 x 6 is 24, 5 x 5 is 25.

In logging slang, a messy pile of logs is called a "jackpot."

Anything described as "saurian" is much like a lizard.

In mining, a passage wide enough for only one person is called a "manway."

Anything that recurs daily can be said to be "quotidian."

In Minnesota, you will find TYME Machines - an acronym for Take Your Money Everywhere, instead of ATMs.

Aprosexia is the abnormal inability to concentrate.

In music, the smallest difference in pitch recognizable by the ear, 1/9 of a whole step, is called a comma.

Arabic numerals are not Arabic; they were invented in India.

In New South Wales, the slang term for a large-sized (425 ml) glass of beer is a "schooner."

As of 1976, there were 110,200,000 TV sets, 372,000,000 radios, and 125,142,000 telephones in the United States.

In Pentagon doublespeak, a "combat emplacement evacuator" is a shovel.

ATMs Around The World: Bankomat - Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Cajero Automático - Venezuela and Argentina, Cashi Coruna (cash corner) - Japan, Toda Hora, or ATH (all hours) - Puerto Rico, Caspomat (auto money) or Bankat (little bank) - Israel, ABM (Automatic Bank Machines) - Canada, Penz Automata Gepek - Budapest, Hungary, AutoTeller, HandyBank, CashPoint, Flexibank - Australia, Mini-banks - Norway.

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